Hello, im sorry to bother. You see, i recently discovered that im fiction kin and it was because of the sudden memory of an act that didnt made me proud. Ive been trying to get more of my memories back but i dont know how , can you help me?

Memories are tricky. Some kin have lots, some kin never get any more than ‘feelings’. Its hard to pin down memories deliberately, especially without the fear of ‘making them up’. 

I always advocate meditation and reflection techniques for deliberate attempts to dredge up memories. There are a lot of resources you can find online. Some day I ought to make a list of those.

As for sudden, shameful memories, I’ve certainly had my share. That’s actually how I awakened as Ken. Repeated, terrible nightmares about what I had done.

But the truth is, all of us, kin or not, have shameful memories we’d rather avoid. All we can do is go forward with our lives, and try to be better than that.

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