honestly? my advice to everyone is to not worry about what is canon and what is not. Just worry about what you remember and who remembers the same. No one knows what Hussie is going to post next, Hussie could be completely wrong about what happened in the alpha timeline actually. And it doesn’t really matter. Besides, Home stuck is a minimalistic comic that cannot fully convey the complexity and the full extent of what happened. There are many details never canonized, hell, even the characters’ races haven’t been canonized. No one has claim to being 100% canon because of this.

I know a lot of you in this tag have trouble accepting that you don’t follow canon, and sometimes it feels like those of us who are doomed are unimportant and irrelevant and we will never find anyone. you are valid and your memories are valid and important and you might just be surprised who you find one day.

accepting myself and my memories has become so much easier since I stopped worrying that I might not remember the next upd8. And its okay to not remember the next upd8. Hussie is a jackass anyway.

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