Okay, so I have friends who are Kins and I’m curious as heck on them… Think I can get a good explanation? Plz?

Well, first of all, I’d like to say that you should talk to your friends, and ask them what being fictionkin means to them. It is a very personal, internal experience, that’s often hard to communicate.

As for the short rundown, fictionkin are simply people who believe that they are in some concrete internal way, the same person as a fictional character. For me, and many other fictionkin, this means that we believe we were reincarnated from other universes where these characters existed. However, the origin of their identity is different for other people, and some believe other things.

Fictionkin are not crazy, or delusional. We do not believe (as a community) that we posses startling magic powers due to our identities. We are not roleplayers who pretend to be a certain character. We simply are people who believe, for one reason or another, that we are in a way, a fictional character or species.

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