Do you think soulbonds are “real” if they don’t accurately reflect all traits of their personality or memories etc from their canon? (Note: “real” isn’t the word I want to use (it’s kinda rude) but I can’t come up with a better word for this question. I’m not trying to be rude, slap me if I am.)

I don’t think this is a rude question. 🙂

The answer is yes. I consider all soulbonds ‘real’ for lack of a better word, regardless of what their know/don’t know about their world, or how they act in comparison to their character in fiction.

In my years I have had many bonds, from many different sources. Some seemed to be ‘plucked’ right out of a certain time in their canon- some of them quite early. Of course, they would not know the things that would happen in their future. Some of them have become quite upset when they learn it.

Nobody knows ‘where’ soulbonds come from. Alternate universes, magical constructs, constructs of the mind- it could be anything, and it could be different, for different bonds.

So I think its perfectly reasonable for some bonds not to know or act like others. Even if two people are bonded to the same version of the same character- that soulbond may behave differently for each- just because the human brain they are working through (the soulbonders) is different.

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