I hope you don’t mind me asking, but since I’m dragonkin and not fictionkin I’m not as familiar with your terms as I would like to be. A few anti-kin posts mention the term “otakukin”. That isn’t the correct term for people who are kin with fictional

characters of Japanese origin, right? Also, may I reblog your answer on my kin blog (tall-dark-and-scaly)?

Otakukin is not an alternate term; it is a term which is no longer used by the community. 

Otakukin was the original term that the now ‘fictionkin’ community used back prior to 2007-2008. It was coined in the Otherkin community by someone called Kinjou-Ten a now defunct webpage called temple of the Otakin’. 

Eventually the community as a whole, as it existed then on Livejournal, including myself and a number of others, decided that the term ‘Otakukin’ had very unpleasant connotations, and was not inclusive enough of kin from western media.

A number of ideas were proposed, including mediakin, but we settled on fictionkin.

Otakukin is now rarely used except in a historical sense.

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