It’s disgusting that some otherkin trivialize the phantom pain of real-life amputees by using it for their own ridiculous “identity”.


I assume the reason for your comment is this ask and my answer to it?

Your reading comprehension might be lacking or maybe you ignored the part where I explained, but let me make something perfectly clear. 
Now read the next two sentences carefully.

1. Amputees are not the only human beings who experience phantom limb sensations. 
2. When a person experiences a limb they never had and thus was never amputated it’s called a supernumerary phantom limb and it has been researched. 

I don’t know what medical school you went to or where you learned psychology and I don’t know how much legitimate scientific research is behind your belief to the contrary but your qualifications are clearly lacking and you should maybe consider further schooling and/or a change of career. 

Alternatively, if you haven’t, at all, researched, studied, or learned anything about the subject, you can click the link above. 

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