I see the tags need reminding that the whole idea of “you can’t be kin outside your race” was invented by a bunch of white afab kids pretending to be Japanese trans girls, who wanted to claim ownership over all their favorite anime “kins”. This logic has obviously spread into mental and physical disabilities.

It doesn’t work that way, folks. You cannot chose your kintypes, and BULLYING someone until they try to force themselves to repress their identities is fucked up on so many levels. You don’t understand the kind of damage it can do to a person. Stop using our communities as an excuse to be the manipulative bastards you can’t be in real life.

If anyone ever tries to tell you that your kintypes are “wrong” wrt race or ability, cut them out. They’ll only mislead you and waste god knows how much of your time. You cannot chose your kintypes anymore than you can discard them, no matter how hard you try and no matter how much other people may want you to.


a) having a fictotype of a different race DOES NOT MAKE YOU THAT RACE. 

b) our entire personalities don’t boil down to being poc, for fuck’s sake

c) being a poc is not ~in our soul~ forever. reincarnation doesn’t give a fuck what fucking color you are. FUCK don’t fall for this racist bullshit

d) no, seriously, you sound like the fucking KKK if you think our souls are literally different from white folks. you creep me the hell out.

e) if you see anyone pretending to be a different race because of their fictotype, drag them to hell.

i feel like this is a really important thing to remind people of. i have my own horror story of how the “you can’t be kin of a character who is x if you arent also x” kind of mentality has done damage to me psychologically.

i used to somewhat be part of a friend group that would sometimes harass people really badly (sometimes even suicide baiting) people who didn’t fit the “criteria” of the character they were kin of and that always sat really really badly with me to the point where i was afraid to talk about anything related to fictionkin stuff or even use the word fictionkin to describe myself because they had

1.) spread misinformation on what it even was and told people not to use it bc it was bad or something? and

2.) made fun of people using the terms otherkin/fictionkin and called them fake. (like straight up. especially got bad if the person they were harassing was a double of an ID they had)

so the entire time i was “friends” with them i was misinformed and afraid af that i was going to be called out or something for “still being” MZD when i turned 17 because hes canonically an eternal kid (like peter pan). because they would periodically make fun of + harass people for being kin of characters that were kids in canon for some reason? and there was even a period of time where i wanted to die before turning 18 so i wouldnt have to go through being bullied like this.

and all this pressure to fit what they thought was correct or else get harassed, abandoned, and then made into a joke gave me huge paranoia issues that i still struggle with. i cant even open my inbox when i get a new ask without thinking its gonna be someone telling me i have to try to up and start repressing my own identity or else im an awful person or something. im not even friends with these people any more and i still get panic attacks occasionally because of the extreme paranoia.

tl;dr: this shit can do actual damage to people. don’t do it. don’t stay around people who do this they’re toxic.

I think I know the exact group you’re talking about. Me and @captain-s-mindfang had a run in with some teenagers who said the same stuff. Adults shouldn’t be kin, kin are all just fakes/pretending, past life stuff was impossible and even “ableist” to believe in, etc.

Anyone who takes part in this shit is guilty of psychological abuse, and I’m very firm about that. It’s one thing if someone just heard it being passed around and, unknowingly, accepted it. Another thing entirely to aggressively spread the misinfo and attack people for speaking the truth and not conforming.

Hopefully with time, and with enough people speaking the truth, they’ll disappear. On the overall timeline of our communities, they are insignificant. Tumblr is the perfect breeding ground for bullies and abusers, and it’s hard to build a coherent community, but every bit helps.

I’m seeing more and more people come forward with stories of people abusing them by forcing them to accept fake kintypes and soulbonds or fictives. It smacks of the same kind of manipulation, and the knowledge of this behavior has to spread as far as possible. No one can ever chose your kintypes for you, or take away what you know you are. Ever. Anyone who tries is a menace.

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