I see the tags need reminding that the whole idea of “you can’t be kin outside your race” was invented by a bunch of white afab kids pretending to be Japanese trans girls, who wanted to claim ownership over all their favorite anime “kins”. This logic has obviously spread into mental and physical disabilities.

It doesn’t work that way, folks. You cannot chose your kintypes, and BULLYING someone until they try to force themselves to repress their identities is fucked up on so many levels. You don’t understand the kind of damage it can do to a person. Stop using our communities as an excuse to be the manipulative bastards you can’t be in real life.

If anyone ever tries to tell you that your kintypes are “wrong” wrt race or ability, cut them out. They’ll only mislead you and waste god knows how much of your time. You cannot chose your kintypes anymore than you can discard them, no matter how hard you try and no matter how much other people may want you to.


a) having a fictotype of a different race DOES NOT MAKE YOU THAT RACE. 

b) our entire personalities don’t boil down to being poc, for fuck’s sake

c) being a poc is not ~in our soul~ forever. reincarnation doesn’t give a fuck what fucking color you are. FUCK don’t fall for this racist bullshit

d) no, seriously, you sound like the fucking KKK if you think our souls are literally different from white folks. you creep me the hell out.

e) if you see anyone pretending to be a different race because of their fictotype, drag them to hell.

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