i think i may be fictionhearted but i’m not entirely sure? especially because the character i think i am fictionheart/ed (?) with is my own OC… i have a really deep connection to him (that isn’t romantic or sexual or anything) and i have a rlly strong desire to be him.. also i’m a maladaptive daydreamer and this OC is my ‘idealised self’. i have avpd and saw that self-deserting behaviour is common, which i do, and i sort of feel like i’m constantly trying to ‘role play’ almost as my OC (1)

(2) and just completely ignore my actual self.. so do you think i’m fictionhearted ?..

I can’t comment on your mental illnesses/symptoms. However, disregarding them, it sounds like a fictionhearted hearttype to me. It is completely possible/okay to have a hearttype that is your own OC.

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