tbh i cant tell if im fictionkin or copinglink. i dont get memories or homesickness but i get really strong emotions n stuff. but after reading about fictionkin (i knew what otherkin was so i tried seeing if there was a “fictional character eqivilant”) i thought “wow thats way more involved than i am” in that i dont really get memories and i dont really think it’s spiritual. n with all the c’link stuff going around i was like “i guess that makes sense” but i started evaluating it and well (1/2)

(2/2) well i’m starting to think that maybe i was fictionkin all along anyway, and i’m just dwelling too much on things. im not good at putting things into words, sorry. what i mean really is what CAN i call myself? or should i just not bother giving it a label? im afraid i’ll be mocked by everyone.

From the sound of it, you’re probably psychological fictionkin (involuntary identity, believed to have a mental rather than spiritual origin). 

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