Hey, I’m Fictionkin and I don’t get memories very often, I get them usually when I focus on my kintype while meditating but sometimes I think they aren’t real memories, they are just things I wish happened or are just putting in my head. It’s very confusing, the memories seem very familiar and real but there’s something in the back of my mind saying it’s not.

Getting memories that don’t have an anchor in our concrete lives is always confusing, anon. Just remember, any memories you have, even if they ARE confabulations, are real and meaningful to YOU.

Here are a few just to double check if you’re ‘making things up’ though, if that will make you more comfortable.

Ask yourself

  • Does it feel like effort to recall them, or do they just pop up?
  • Do you remember them basically the same way every time?
  • Are small details sometimes clearer than what should be important things?
  • Do the memories come up naturally in response to mental stimuli?
  • Do they fit with other memories I have had?

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