How are athiest angelkin possible?



I wouldn’t personally call myself angelkin if I were an atheist, anon, as I would find it disrespectful to the beliefs of others. 

However, I assume atheist angelkin are psychological kin who consider themselves archetypal angels, or have memories/experiences of being angels but believe they are false.

If I were angelkin and considered myself an atheist I would seriously examine my worldview, because I would wonder if I was rejecting the existence of god for some reason instead of merely disbelieving.

*please remember I am a deeply spiritual person. I am not saying that atheist angelkin aren’t in their beliefs, or as legitimate as any other angelkin- they are, I’m sure.

as the archetypical “opposite” of angelkin, I look at it this way:

I call myself demonkin because “demon” is the closest word the English language has for my kintype. I imagine for a lot of atheist angels, this might be the case as well.

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