Is there something between kin and soulbonding? Cause I have a lot of I guess, fictive headmates, who, when I see them in their canon I’m like “that’s me” and I have memories from them and physical responses and feel wrong in my body when they’re “out” but I still talk with them and RP and write as them. They’re me, or I’m them, but I’m also still me and they’re still them. I know I’m not making a ton of sense. They def. “front” or “co-front”, and sometimes they do things for me I won’t remember

It sounds like what you’re experiencing is co-conciousness/blending with your headmates, anon. This happens sometimes, esspecially when headmates spend a lot of time together at the front, where the lines between one person and another will be blurred. That will make it feel like something is ‘your’ memory, if the person whose memory it is is conscious with you at the same time.

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