Thank you!! That opened my eyes to a lot of things! He says his friends dislike me because I’ve hardly say with them and gotten to know them but I read in his friends group chat then screenshot ting and making fun of a post I shared on Facebook and he just said “they’re cunts to everyone who isn’t in the group” he just encourages me to sit with them more no matter how uncomfortable I say I am, he says the problem will get worse the more I avoid it. He sits with my friends a lot of the time. Idk

Hey there, anon. Your boyfriend sounds like he’s putting his friends behavior ahead of your comfort, which isn’t cool. If these kids “are cunts to everyone who isn’t in the group” that is honestly a sign that they’re cunts in general and not fun to be hanging out with.

I think you should think about how you feel that your boyfriend enjoys hanging out with people who are basically jerks all the time and doesn’t care that you’re uncomfortable with them. It sounds like maybe he is not mature enough to be in a relationship with you, anon!

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