Seeing all these people saying they’re afraid to be factkin makes me want to ask: is it okay to be uncomfortable about them? I wouldn’t go around harassing them, making blatant posts on why they should or shouldn’t exist, and besides being uncomfortable with them, I’m a bit indifferent to the entire thing. Is that okay?

Its okay to be uncomfortable with factkin, as long as you’re not harassing or badmouthing them. Remember too that some people are uncomfortable with fictionkin or otherkin, and as long as they’re not bullying or harassing anyone, that’s okay too.

Its okay to be uncomfortable with other people’s beliefs and practices, even if they don’t directly effect you, as long as you aren’t going out and harming them, speaking badly of them, or acting with prejudice toward them. 

There’s no way on earth that we will all always get along with, or understand one another’s beliefs. But what’s important is that we treat each other with civility and respect, despite that.

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