Hi all. I don’t generally like to drag down this blog with drama or ‘callout’ posts, or really any kind of negativity whatsoever, but several people have brought this issue to my attention now, so I feel that I need to address it.

Some of you may have seen a user called mariathefictionkin posting some fairly ‘edgy’, shocking, upsetting and/or inflammatory things in the the fictionkin and soulbonding tags.

If you haven’t seen them, this person posts things like nazi imagery, and references sexual material and situations that many people would find distasteful to say the least. They have also been kicked out of a number of kin communities, some of which I have been a member of at the time.

I do not necessarily believe this person is a faker, or a troll in the traditional sense, though they may well be out to shock and upset people with their beliefs. What I do think is that if you are a minor, or someone who is easily upset by offensive material, you should probably block this person so you don’t end up seeing their posts.

To those outside the kin/bonding community who may run across this user, please do not conflate their inflamatory and shocking material with anything that has to do with being kin or soulbonded.

Thank you.

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