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So, okay, I’m confused. Everyone’s saying how they miss home and many are saying that life now sucks, that they never wanted to be human, and that they will go home again some day. Like. Um… This is OBVIOUSLY mainly a “me” thing but I CHOSE to incarnate. I chose to be human the same way as before: I originally chose to be bird, then sheep, and, recently, human. It’s a long story that some of you might not be able to grasp unless I go into a lot of detail, so I’m not going to explain it too much on this post.

I am a celestial. I had nothing but to gain from incarnating, and so far it has brought me justice. I understand some of you getting homesick, and I definitely didn’t live a very stationary life, so I probably can’t relate as much as some of you, but some of you are really torn up about all this.

So… If you guys are all distraught and saying that you’ll be home again some day, what are your stories? Why did you become human??? I’m not saying this out of anger, but curiosity. You blatantly have different stories than me, and it’s interesting to know how each of us got to where we are, today.

This is a very interesting question. I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to answer it. For me, I do miss where I came from. I miss it a lot. For me, I’ve seen a number of worlds. My soul’s bounced from place to place, from parallel Earth’s not unlike our own in some ways, to alien worlds and magical forests. I’m a multikin/polykin/whatever you wanna call it. And I can’t help but miss each and every one of them. I’m homesick… and I miss the sights and sounds.

I’ve been human before. Oh how I’ve been human before. I was a brilliant sorceress, heir to a holy kingdom knee deep in familial strife. Despite my frail shell of flesh and bone, I was a powerful magic user. I channeled the magical energies of the earth and the dark, bending them to my whim, and destroying those who dared oppose me. When I died, leaving my apprentice and my homeland, my soul was yanked to the next life. I’ve been a woman in an alternate earth, a Russian girl who dreamed of the Faerie, and was drawn into a world of strange creatures and adventure. I was a hero, a villain, and a police officer in a rapidly changing world. And I’ve been a peasant girl who left humanity behind, drawn into the arms of the the darkest winter, becoming a creature of scales, wicked teeth, and beautiful allure.

Why did I become human again? I’m not sure. I feel like i had some choice, now and then. Like in between lives, my spirit may have made an off comment. or willed a sort of challenge to the powers that be. What if it was like this next time? and lo, The powers shuffle me off again. I didn’t choose to become human again, exactly, more I believe my soul had some minor input in the decision, but ultimately, the reason I’m here is just… because. Maybe it’s to rest. My soul has been through many heavily magical lives. Maybe a world of little to no magic would help heal and rest the taxing toll magical may have taken. Maybe the powers thought it would be funny, with all my boasting, to make me not just human, but as far from royal as one can get. and some other little tricks to ‘challenge’ me.  I’ve been shuffled here, possibly because of that, or possibly because of my tether to another soul, who I’ve always tended to follow around.

Each new life kind of plays like a reaction to the last. So maybe I wound up here to teach me some humility. Or maybe to rest, as mentioned. I’m not sure. But hey, for once I’m not fighting chaos or anything? heh.

The worlds I came from though, they were worlds of magic and possibility. I miss that. I miss the ability to see something and think ‘I could help’, and actually have the ability to. I miss looking up at an alien sky, thinking of how beautiful it was and how much there was out there to explore. I miss living in the forests, sleeping under trees and swimming in glistening streams and springs. I just feel… nostalgic for the way things were, and how, despite what I can do to make it feel better here (camping, stargazing, games ect), I’ll never be able to recapture what made those worlds truly DIFFERENT.

I think maybe, part of it for me is, I didn’t really chose where I was going. Not like you or some others I saw reblogging it. I had a say, but it was a suggestion. I didn’t say ‘yeah I wanna be this human girl in the 1990’s.’ . I just was a proud soul, who maybe wanted a challenge. So off I was once again shuffled.

When one doesn’t choose their fate, I suppose, it can sometimes be hard to accept fate when it isn’t kind to them. I often find myself thinking about how things would be different if circumstances weren’t the way they were. If i still could find the crooks and corrupt and be a hero. Or of the quiet away from the hustle and bustle of humanity. I miss it, and I often dream of places with rolling hills and dark forest streams.

This world can sometimes be unfair, and because of that, some people feel nostalgic for worlds and lives they left behind. This is a feeling I know well, but ultimately… I’m happy here. I found Felix, and I’m content with my life. But that doesn’t stop me missing home, and those forest streams when things get hard. Or when they get quiet and I have those moments to think; driving to work and watching the forest and lakes roll by, sitting and listening to music while my love is off doing something and I’m alone, when i’m dozing and laying half asleep in my bed.  Its hard not to miss the way things were, sometimes, but ultimately I’m happy with where i am.

and I guess…that’s my story. I didn’t really feel I had much choice coming here to this restfully low magic planet, but I’m here anyway. Sometimes I miss home, yeah. and sometimes I don’t. I always miss my brilliant scales and wonderful teeth. My deadly allure. They’re a part of my body image, one thats gone now. So …there’s that too. My body image.

I just miss it. but I’m happy here, and I’ll be happy here for a long while until I get shuffled off to another damned place due to a misplaced boast or a spiritual challenge to whoever’s in charge at the moment. Or I’ll just tag along again for the ride.

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