I’m sorry, I know this is in your faq but I still don’t understand it. What exactly is being kin? Is it thinking you’re related to a character? I thought otherkin for example is literally thinking you are that kind of animal, so I thought being kin with a character meant literally thinking you are that character? And what is the difference to “id” and “double” and that kind of stuff? This is so confusing


Kin means you HEAVILY connect to that character almost like you ARE the character or are related to the character.

ID means you just relate to them as far as i know (as in there are some aspects of that character you see in yourself)

Double is what they call someone else that is kin with the same kin u are

as far as i know anyway don’t quote me i aint kin with anything

@byfcringe needs to stop spreading this misinformation.

Being kin does not mean you “heavily connect to a character” or animal. It means that you ARE them. 

ID means that you ‘identify’ as them either because its your primary kin identity, or because you feel like you want to (its not always a kin thing.)

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