new word: alternormal



  1. denoting events, experiences or phenomena (such as shifts, anomalous memories, phantom/astral limbs, headmates, soulbonding, unexplained urges and feelings, etc) that are typical of the alterhuman experience, as well as other phenomena related to non-human connections and fictional worlds.


Katie’s first alternormal experience was when she began to feel like there was a tail at the base of her spine.

Jane has an alternormal connection to dogs, but she’s not sure what kind.

Buttface202 has a blog where he makes fun of people who experience the alternormal.

John had a weird feeling he couldn’t shake and he wondered if it was of alternormal origin.

Sheena didn’t know why she was having the vision over and over again, but it was definitely something alternormal.

When Aiden wound up in Cloud Strife’s head for ten minutes during the raid of the mako reactor he knew it was some kind of alternormal event.

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