part 1/2 Do you think its possible for hearted people to have..memories from their hearttype? It sounds weird but I have no other idea how to put it. I’m Peridot-hearted (I used to think I was kin, and this was back in that time) and I had a vision when I was handing a paper to my teacher. I had a vision of being the the spaceship as seen in Steven Universe. The hallways were a green-ish color, to my left was a window full of stars. I was in the form of a Peridot, I had holding staff

2/2 or something behind my back, I was going to bestow it upon someone. It lasted less than a second before I was escorted back into reality. I had other visions like this too, but it was not associated with any of my hearttypes. I don’t really have memories of having been her, so no, I’m not kin. But what else could this mean?

Are you positive you’re not Peridot-kin? because that does sound like a memory of being her.

Other possibilities are you could have experiences a ‘ride along’ or reverse soulbonding event. 

That’s when your consciousness is projected into the mind of a fictional character going about their day and you experience them and their thoughts with them as they do things. (the way soulbonds experience the life or their bonders)

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