I don’t know how to identify my system. While on one hand I am not diagnosed with DID and OSDD, I can’t deny the existence of my bonds. I labeled myself as a bond system in order to stress that I was not DID, and I was attacked for it and told I wasn’t allowed to use the word system because I wasn’t DID, even though my bonds came about as a result of years of emotional and verbal ab*se. I don’t know what to do, and it seems I am caught between deny the existence of my bonds and throwing a fit…

Just ignore the people who try to deny you exist and that your experiences are real. A wise anon once told me this:

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking there’s anything you could do. Even if you managed to reach the goalpost they claim would make you respectable, they’d just move it as soon as you got there. They don’t hate you because you’re unacceptable, even though that’s what what they want you to think. They hate you because they don’t want things they disagree with to exist. The only “right” you could do by these people is to just not exist.

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