I’m new to systems, would you mind explaining some of the important things to know about them?

  • Systems are groups of (at least two) separate people that share one body.
  • Systems caused by trauma, called DID or OSDD-1 systems, are the only systems currently recognized by medical science.
  • Systems not caused by trauma do exist and are generally on tumblr referred to as ‘endogenic’  or non-trauma systems. 
  • Members of a system are referred to as “alters” by DID/OSDD-1 systems, and headmates by non-trauma systems.
  • Headmates/alters are fully separate people from one another with different thoughts, ideas, hopes, tastes, memories, etc
  • Sometimes, especially in trauma systems, system members have difficulty communicating, and might have little to no memory of what happens when they are not fronting.
  • However many systems, especially after practice, get good at communicating with one another and can be active and even fronting at the same time.
  • Headmates/alters are not just moods or shifts. They are really separate.

I think that’s the most important things?

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