– It’s okay to realize that you aren’t actually kin with what you thought you were kin with.

– It’s okay to change your kintypes if you realize that that you got them wrong.

– It’s okay to be uncertain about your kintypes.

– It’s okay to not have felt like you were kin since you were young.

– It’s more than okay to wait a while before decidiing that you’re kin with something, even if you have other kintypes. In fact, that’s highly advised – if the feeling fades, then you don’t have to take back what you said. Waiting and evaluating your first impression is always a good idea.

– It’s not okay to constantly pick up new kintypes whenever you join new fandoms. Why? If you’re constantly adding more, you need to reevaluate your definition of what it means to be kin with something. It’s not just relating strongly with a character, because characters are designed to do that.

– It’s not okay to make the kin community look bad because you’ve got no idea what you’re talking about but you’re trying to lecture people.

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