What’s the difference between fictionkin and “literally me”?

Here are some of the things I’ve said about “literally me”/IDs in the past:

The “literally me” people are generally in one of three camps

  • meaning ‘literally me’ metaphorically as in “we share so many traits we might as well be the same person, lol omg hastagliterallyme.“ They don’t necessarily mean it sarcastically but they don’t mean it sincerely either. Its an identification thing, like people used to say “X is my spirit animal”.
  • people who mean ‘literally me’ as in they have decided to assume that identity in place of their own normal identity for whatever reason. It may be mental illness/trauama (copinglink) or it may be for funsies, or for any number of other reasons. Whatever they are, they want to present as and be treated as the character despite not actually “believing” that they are.
  • fictives. These are headmates in multiple systems/collectives that have no identity other than the character they ‘literally’ are, either because they are a mental construct created to be the character, or because they are, or believe they are the spirit of the character from another universe.

But Felix, aren’t fictionkin literally their kintype as well? Why doesn’t #literallyme mean the same thing as being kin?

Yes, fictionkin literally are their kintype. Ken Ichijouji is literally me, I am literally Vriska Serket. Or one version of  what exists of them in this universe, anyway.

However, being kin implies a certain *type* of experiencing versus a character being #literallyme. It implies things like awakening/discovery, memories, phantom limbs, homesickness, loss of abilities, etc etc.

When you say you’re “literally x character but that its not a kintype” what you’re saying is exactly that. The character is “you” in some other way that doesn’t imply all those things that goes along with being kin.


The problem with “ID” as a term is that it doesn’t have a set definition and means different things to different people.

Some people who are kin use “ID” to mean what they consider their primary kintype, the one they feel closest to in this life/world.

Some people who are not kin use the term “ID” to mean someone they feel a lot like and wish to identify with/be known to be similar to.

Some people who completely misunderstand kin use the term “ID” to mean ‘more real than being kin’, which is not a thing.


Additionally I would like to say that the main problem I have with the ‘literally me’ crowd, is as far as those I have seen an interacted with, they tend to look down on and be dismissive of kin as ‘lesser’ or ‘not real’, and fundamentally misunderstand what it means to be kin.

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