hey ok so I’ve been really ffreakin out here, man, like when I see things like fanart or a post about this one character I just really, intensely feel, just a Really intense feeling, like it get hard to breathe a bit, I make small noises, pressure in chest, feels like a panic attack but /different/??? idk I’m just, really confused, like maybe am I kin? ddid I have some weird feelings for this character? any help is appreciated if possible

Its possible you’re kin, or that you are fictionhearted, or that the character is a synpath. What is clear is that the character effects you in a significant way.

My advice is to try to process what you’re feeling and why. what about the character is ‘getting’ to you. See if you fit the criteria for kin, hearted, etc. Do a lot of introspection. Ask a friend to help you, sometimes an outside perspective from someone who knows you is helpful

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