replied to your post “So I was told I have a connection to Vergil from Devil May Cry 3 and…”

I could have worded that better. Sorry Felix. I dunno if you’ll see this but what I actually mean is I’m mostly confused as I take on his mannerisms and so forth though I’m not as ruthless as he is. However, right now I am taking on his mannerisms as I’m writing this. Making the same facial expressions, etc.

Ahhh, I see! What you are describing is known as a ‘kin shift’. A ‘shift’ is any kind of mental, emotional, spiritual, astral etc, experience where you change/regress to a state closer to the way your kintype is.

For example a tigerkin might have a shift where they crave meat and want to hunt/lick themsleves etc. Someone who had a Batman kintype might experience shifts where they spoke more like they did when they were Batman, or moved more like him, etc.

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