Okay. Do you remember bismuth? What was she like?? What about the homeworld rubies? Or the other Crystal gems? Did they look different in your Canon?

Bismuth… heh. Should have known I’d be asked about her. I loved Bismuth. In the old days of the war she was one of my closest comrades. I admired her and adored her. Not as much as I adored Rose, but, close, in a different way. Bismuth was a peer, a friend, an equal. We fought together, and we celebrated together. She was larger than life. She had a big temper, and a big sense of joy, and she was driven, and she was furious, and she was intense. 

Bismuth was like a fire. I miss her a lot.

Homeworld rubies…. yes, they’re pretty much like they’re portrayed on the show. They’re all fight and no common sense. They really are kind of adorable.

The other Gems, really are a lot like they’re shown in canon, as I remember. Garnet is cool and collected and balanced, and Amethyst is chaotic and wild, and honestly, funny.

They did look a little different than the show, though the show does a good job of portraying us all. Its hard to show just the kind of uncanny, inhuman look that we had, however.

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