Sorry if this is a weird question but what’s the “acceptable” amount of time before you consider yourself kin with a character? What’s always happened to me is if I saw a movie for the first time or something I would see a character I really liked+identified w/ and I would just be like “ME THAT’S ME” but I don’t know if that’s a common/normal thing?

Often when people are discovering that they are kin they feel an instinctive ‘that’s me’ tug with a character but don’t know how to explain it. However, it takes reflection and consideration to really know in yourself if something is a kintype or not.

If feeling like you are a character in media happens frequently when you consume media, you might also want to look into the term ‘fictionflickers’ which describes a state of being where one is constantly unintentionally taking on the identity of characters from the media one consumes, for either spiritual or psychological reasons.

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