Quit just telling people their kintypes are valid.

Tell people to do research, introspection and take a while to THINK before just taking up a kin type right away.

You aren’t helping anyone by just posting “don’t worry sweaty :)) ur valid uwu:))” on every newbies post asking for advice.

That’s not helpful, even remotly.

I understand this in one way, but on another note – new people should be made to feel welcome, and be allowed to explore themselves? 

Like, maybe their questioning a lot of kintypes, and don’t know which are real and which aren’t. That’s okay. Especially when it’s kids, y’know? Kids should be allowed to explore their identities. there’s not really any harm in them being made to feel good for themselves? the worst that’ll happen is, oh no, they weren’t really that kintype. They move on, no one got hurt, the end. 

When, if you make people unvalid and such for questioning, They may leave the community and stop questioning at all, and never find out about themselves. idk. I just think its better to be positive. *shrug*

I don’t mean to say that kids questioning what’s going on with them is wrong, not at all! I’ve been there of course, so have all of us older otherkin, and those of us who got our start on forums can remember how I secure we were.

My point, is that just saying ‘youre valid’ isnt helpful. It in fact discourages exploration and research and questioning by just giving an easy ok, much like those pendulum blogs out there just giving people yes or no answers to kin type questions.

This can really hurt a lot of people in the long run, especially if they are just given these shoe simple answers but no actual guide or advice.

When I was new (Or at least new to the community) forums were still the main place otherkin interacted, and while there were people who over questioned, and grilled and played “more kin then you” (So I know how tough that can be, I’ve completely ditched forums for it) there were also people, more experienced than me, who could point me toward good research, or safe and accurate websites.

This let me explore my identity safely and in a healthy way, because I had people willing to be honest with me when I WASN’T doing things in a health or safe way.

Just saying “you’re valid” isn’t doing that, it’s leaving newbies stranded to try and sort through information that may or may not be correct (And there is a serious issue with incorrect information on tumblr) while also giving simple answers, so that when when someone DOES ask questions meant to provoke introspection, or correct them on misinformation, or point out an irresponsible or unhealthy behavior, they can’t handle it, or become confused or emotional.

Otherkin in and of itself, as a concept, is too objective to simply be called valid or invalid-as there’s no real scientific proof of the concept being people’s personal experiences and beliefs.

Sorry for such a long response, but I felt the need to clarify and explain what I meant.

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