Isn’t fictionhearted feeling a familial relationship to that character? I’m not fictionhearted myself, but I am dragonhearted and I describe that as seeing the dragon spirits around me as my true family. So, wouldn’t fictionhearted be less of “I want to be that” and more of “I feel that character is very close to me”?

It can be a familial connection, but it also can be feeling like you empathize so much with that character that you feel like you ‘are’ them in a way. 

Because of the way species vs singular person works ‘otherhearted’ is best described as a familial connection to a species (because you feel in some way that you are a part of that species, sort of adoptively), but fictionhearted is more of a personal connection (though it can be considered familial)

fictionhearted: I want to BE that.

Synpath: I want to HUG that.

Fictionhearted: that’s who I am in my heart, that’s what I should be. #me

Synpath: I feel connected to that on an emotional level. I feel a strong sense of empathy for that. #same

Fictionhearted: Someone with a strong emotional or spiritual connection to any fictional character or fictional species, without believing that they are that character or species.

Synpath: Any creature, or fictional character that a person strongly identifies with or feels an empathic bond with.

-hearted is something you feel in your heart like you *should* be.

a synpath is something that you feel a connection with or empathy for, like you’re the same.

Fictionhearted is the right term if you share traits/the character resonates with you but you don’t feel like you ARE them, but a separate person.

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