Just because something gives you kinfeels or whatever doesn’t automatically mean it’s a kintype. Cameo shifts and fictionflickers exist and can be very misleading. If it’s similar to an existing kintype of yours, that can be another reason you’re getting kinfeels from it.

If you’re seriously considering something, really really question it. Think about it. What exactly makes you think you’re kin? Look into similar species/characters. If it’s a fictotype you’re questioning, make sure to look into whatever species they might have been based on as well. Don’t ignore the things that don’t match up to what you feel since these are important too (and also helps avoid confirmation bias).

It honestly takes at least months or sometimes even years to figure out one’s kintype(s). It’s not a rush and it’s really something that needs a lot of time and effort to process. Nothing external can tell you what you are either, it’s something you need to figure out on your own.

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