Dear non-kin trying to explain otherkinity to others,


Fucking stop. Most of the time you do not know what you’re talking about

If you’re going to post about a complex topic, preferably you have done some reading about that topic. A lot of headache, misunderstanding, and frustration could be saved by taking the time to read a bit about who otherkin are. The same applies to people who are considering whether or not they are otherkin.

If you’d like to share what otherkinity is with the world, great! The best way to do that is to direct people to resources made by otherkin and not pull shit out of your ass!

If you are interested in knowing about otherkinity, speak to otherkin and ask otherkin, rather than people outside who often have little understanding and struggle to relate. Otherkin know better than non-kin when it comes to discussing their experience of species. Please make an effort to read from diverse sources, take things with copious grains of salt, and use your head not your ego. 

And remember: otherkinity is an identity, not a coping method. Get over it

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