can we pls stop saying that having an “id” is the same as being kin?

finding out you’re otherkin/fictionkin is the result of searching and introspection, oftentimes it can take years to figure out what you are and you actually have to put work into it in order to know for sure you’re not just experience-taking. 

having an “id” is where you latch onto fictional characters for a sense of identity, and there’s no PROBLEM with that, but it’s not kin.

and before you come to me with that “why do you hate mentally ill people” shit– listen, buddy. i’m mentally ill. i have PTSD, bipolar, avoidant personality disorder, religious trauma syndrome, and general anxiety disorder. and before you say i’m specifically saying people with BPD can’t be otherkin, i’m not… like three of my canonmates have BPD and they’re all actual otherkin.

i. am. specifically. saying. that. being. otherkin. is. not. the. same. as. having. an. id.

they. are. two. different. experiences.

they’re both still VALID, just in different ways.

i completely understand that your brain latches onto fictional characters as a way of making sense of your identity. that’s fine, and healthy, and should be encouraged if it helps you.

but for the love of all that is sacred in this world and any other, PLEASE don’t say you’re otherkin, because that’s a completely different community formed around a completely different experience.

-Cassandra, with some help from River

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