Why does it even matter what word is used to describe your experience? If your experience doesn’t fit under the definition of otherkin, then you aren’t. Simple as that. If you are using it, go ahead, but you are using it incorrectly, that’s easy enough to understand right?

Like why get so riled up over a label? Tumblr is too obsessed with labels. If a label doesn’t describe what you are then ??? What’s the point in using it? And why does it matter THAT much to be otherkin specifically? Why is the word so important?

It gets to a point where the label seems more important than what you’re actually experiencing. Just so you can say ‘hey I’m Otherkin!’ when it isn’t true, it’s so pointless.

By all means go ahead and use it, I can’t force anyone and I’m not bothered by it but it just seems a tad bit odd to me why people get so aggressive and spiteful over this simple fact.

words are not without power nor without meaning. 

Being otherkin refers to a specific type of experience, of belief, of being, and that term is primarily used for two reasons. 
1. to simply express what one’s existence is like to oneself.
2. to find others who’re having a categorically similar experience for sake of community and research.

it’s about knowing yourself and knowing you’re not alone. 

if the word has no meaning, it’s function becomes compromised, if not lost. 

just like, if we start calling all kinds of random objects tables, then we’ll stop being able to call tables tables because the term has no objective meaning any more… essentially, if cabinets, rocks, lamps, and clouds, as well as tables, are all tables, then there is no such thing as a table. 

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