what is the word equivalent to “kintype” when using the new otherkind/fictionkind words?





That’s a good question. I’m not sure what the accepted answer is.

@hallowedbone any insight?

I was musing about that. Something I intended with other/fictionkind is that it allows for more individual interpretation, while still keeping true to the general definitions accepted by the communities. Someone with a specific canine theriotype – let’s say, a doberman – could call themselves dobermankind, or caninekind, or whatever iteration they prefer personally and aesthetically. A dragon would of course be dragonkind, or wyvernkind, or wyrmkind, or whatever. Really, anything goes on that score. 

The same could be said of kintype via dragonkin, dobermankin, etc, but if you do want to switch to using other/fictionkind, it can work with a little creativity. Rather than saying “I have a dragon kintype” you could just say “I am dragonkind”. And since the main reason I pushed for the switch to begin with was the patronizing misuse of our terminologiy and identities from tumblrkin and their ilk, and their fixation on kintypes as objects one has rather than what a person is, I think it’s a good distinction. But it’s up to you, in the end.

If one wanted, I guess you could go with “kindtype”, though that doesn’t roll as easily as kintype does.

Personally I really like the insert-critter-herekind over kindtype, as it outright states “I am x”, not “I have an affinity to x”. Plus it’s a throwback to the origins of the otherkin (and arguably parts of the fictionkin community), which I’m always a fan of.

I’ve sort of just been using “I’m a western dragon” in place of otherkin or dragonkin, and I may still just use that, but I realize that doesn’t necessarily work for folks who believe they were otherkin/fictionkin/therian in another life.

It can work, it just depends on the person. Someone who believes in past lives can still feel like they’ve remained whatever they were. That’s my situation too. Conversely, I’ve had multiple past lives that aren’t exactly what I am now.

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