Hello! I was wondering what soulbounding is. i tried to look it up, but the only thing that came up was so video game. Thanks!!!

Soulbonders are mentally connected with someone from another world- usually a fictional character. You hear their voice in your head during the day, and sometimes they can experience what you experience through your body. A soulbonded person has one or more bonds. Bonds can often be supportive and sources of guidance and emotional help throughout the day, though not always, and some bonds are much more troublesome than helpful.

Bonds are not always like other headmates in that soulbonds are often thought to be ‘somewhere else’ and sort of radioing into one’s mind, rather that residing there and sharing a body. Often its considered similar to being a medium or spirit channeler communicating with spirits. Sometimes people can see their soulbonds in the room with them, and sometimes soulbonds can ‘front’ or take over the body, but most often bonds are just experienced as a mental voice.

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