Hello, Felix. I’m a bit confused about my identity as alterhuman. I’m spiritual, but I have a large number of kintypes. I genuinely believe that I have experienced all of those lives, but I worry that my bpd may have misled me, or may do so in the future. I am also unsure how to tell if a kintypes is truly a kintype, or if I’m a fictionflicker and just unaware of it. Sorry for bothering you, but any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there anon. Your ask is no bother, and I hope I can help. I will be honest, I am not very familiar with BPD and how it affects a person’s thinking.  I can tell you though, that as someone with bi-polar, the way I can tell that my condition hasn’t effected my kintypes is when I still feel them when I’m not being effected or heavily effected by my condition. I HAVE had a few times when I’d been like, huh, is that a kintype. Nope. Just mania.

Likewise, i feel the solution to the question of kintypes versus fictionflickers is the same. Consistency. Something is a kintype if it doesn’t go away.

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