can we please like…never accept otherkin/factkin/fictionkin people? like grow the fuck up and get a job theres no fucking way you’re Literally Alexander Hamilton or whomever ur roleplaying full time…

Plot twist: I already have a job.

Plot twistx2: My coworkers all know I’m otherkin and no one cares.

Plot twistx3: I’ve held the religious and cultural beliefs that are directly intertwined with my identity for a damn long time and don’t plan on ever changing. Suck it.

I’m other, fiction, and divinekin and hoowee guess what OP

I work in the medical field. I’m a collage graduate with a highly respected, well paying job with good benefits. I rent my own apartment that I don’t need roommates to afford.

Its almost like. Grown ups are allowed to be spiritual/religious people and don’t have to conform to social religious norms.

Hot damn, look at you being all successful! Nice!

I want this post to explode with otherkin saying how successful they are just so OP’s notes explode with kin positivity.

So, I’m a successful angelkin in a managerial position in the IT field, happily married, renting (soon probably BUYING) an apartment. My spiritual beliefs connected to otherkinity never came up in my adult life, much like my religion. It’s like it’s possible to live without mentioning to others what motivates your decisions and what’s going on in your soul. Amazing. 

I’m disabled so I can’t work atm…. but I have a small condo that is paid off–I snuck into the market when the housing bubble collapsed, a loving found family with kids, and I have have an associates… So I’m pretty happy with myself.

I did have a job. It was bad for my health //and// the health of others. :/ Didn’t have the spoons to maintain the rest of my life and my kids were left too much to their own devices in an abusive household, so flopping like a fish in the job market isn’t worth it to me anymore–finally owned up to my internalized ablism when I realized someone might die for my pride and applied for disablity. Literally have a video of my brother being chocked out by my mom for relying on her for a haircut because I was too tired and busy–and CPS and the cops don’t care so I’m at peace with being a reject in a fucked up society. Society blows so societal stands blow, and having a job isn’t the fucken ultimate value of someone’s life. My ex-job never meant more to me than my kids.

I’m Fictionkin. I’m in my mid-30s. I’ve taken some college courses, but didn’t graduate. I’ve been married for almost 13 years. We have 2 sons, both highly intelligent, academically successful, and physically active. I work 40+ hours a week, making less than $2000/month to support my family, since my husband is disabled. Tell me again how I’m not a grown-up and need to get a job?

I’m fictionkin, in my thirties, a successful web designer for many years, currently back in school for IT, and shopping for a house with my also-fictionkin fiancee at the moment. Fiancee has a degree in psychology, and currently works 40+ hours a week at a professional office. And nobody cares that we’re kin.

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