A Discussion Regarding “Canonmates”


Or Other People from Your Past

(N.b. All my personal experiences are from a spiritual perspective, so I do approach this with that bent. Some of these things may not be applicable to psychological- or quoi-based individuals.)

I’ve seen a handful of posts about the dangers of looking for “canonmates” in particular, and while I feel they all have sincerely good points that need to be discussed, I have gotten the impression of stark skepticism for most of them. There seems to be a prevailing undercurrent of “this experience is technically possible but statistically unlikely, so keep that in mind.” And I feel that, while well-intentioned, that tone can be self-defeating.

It’s all too easy to look at a post like that, and balk against the skepticism. To say, “well obviously you’re not talking to me because that’s not my experience.”

So I wanted to talk about it, as someone who honestly and sincerely believes that “finding people” is possible, and as someone who believes they have.

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