Blue Whale Challenge

This has been going around my dashboard, so I wanted to address it.

Many people are talking about the supposed ‘blue whale game/blue whale challenge’. 

It is supposedly an app, forum, or program of some sort that forces a person to commit a series of self harming tasks for 50 days, and on the 50th day, they are tasked to commit suicide. 

This game is a rumor and a hoax. There is no such game. I have searched extensively and not been able to find any links to any real game, app, forum or program. Not even a fake virus version.

The hoax began several months ago in russian, and is now being perpetuated by the tabloid media like The Sun in order to get views/ get people talking.

This game is not real, and any accounts of people playing it are fake. There is an account of someone playing it on reddit on the forum /r/nosleep. /r/nosleep is a forum for creepypasta, not true stories.

No one is in danger from this game, and if anyone can actually find a link to it and prove me wrong, I will eat my hat.

This is a story made up and shared by out of the loop adults to make social media and phone apps seem scary, and that’s all. 

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