A gentle reminder that (while sometimes the lines aren’t clear cut) “fictive” is not the same as “fictionkin”. If you’re fictionkin, you really shouldn’t be using the “fictive” tags to talk about ‘kin matters or kintypes. If you’re part of a system, similarly, you shouldn’t call fictive system members “kins”. 

To clarify/expand:

Some system members are fictionkin, as well as fictives! And some people, even if they aren’t fictives themselves, are part of a system and are also fictionkin. So, sometimes you will see someone within a system refer to “their kintypes”, and that’s fine!

What we mean is, singlet fictionkin using the “fictive” tags, talking about their kintypes, or hosts within a system referring to fictive system members as their “kins”/”kintypes”. 

Again, sometimes the lines aren’t clear (we have seen people unsure if a new fictive is a system member or a kintype, especially within median systems) but if you’re a singet fictionkin, and you know it, please avoid the “fictive” tags for stuff relating to being ‘kin. And if you’re a system host/main/original/etc, please don’t refer to fictive system members as “your kins”. It’s just super confusing, especially for newer fictionkin and systems who might not know the terminology.

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