Resources – Otherkin and Plurality



Here’s a compilation of otherkin and plural sites off tumblr; the communities are separate, so it does nothing for either community when people conflate them.

The plural stuff I link is going to be either a general space – for all system types – or for a specific type; I won’t have any specifically disordered spaces, because I don’t know them.

(NOTE: I’m only actually a member on Kinmunity, so I can’t speak specifically of any others)

(NOTE: a lot of places have links to other sites, so I won’t list them all here)

Here are some good blogs on tumblr that represent either some of the sites listed above, or are run by known people in the community. I won’t be listing any personal blogs, even if they have a high community content.



I have more Plurality-based resources than Otherkin-based ones, mainly because I’m more active in that community. I know I follow more Otherkin/Alterhuman blogs, but I can’t find them at the moment. x.x

If anyone has anything to add, or wants something taken down, feel free to either reblog and add, or let me know so I can remove a link!


:0! – C

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