i really dislike it when anti-kins claim me being otherkin prevents me from getting help? like no?? there are many very personal reasons why i’ve yet to get help, like people who could’ve helped me being dicks lol






Aye I get you, we care about our mental health as much as the next guy.

As an aside, If someone wants to speak to their therapist about something otherkin related, like species dysphoria or something, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. And it certainly doesn’t make alterhuman identities a bad thing.

– Hoot 

Gonna borrow this for a minute and confirm it for you. The APA and DSM-V 100% validate otherkin. If you present it the way the community does any good licensed mental health professional will consider it a completely valid identity and regard it as diagnostically insignificant.

If they don’t, you can explain how the new (fifth) edition of the DSM completely removed the entire section on “identity disorders” because as an entire class of mental health conditions atypical identities are all considered diagnostically insignificant.

I actually recently spoke to someone who had very successfully discussed otherkin past life memories with their therapist.

I don’t have time at the moment but if anyone wants to talk to a therapist and they would feel more secure with some references, send me an ask.

I have a fox therian acquaintence who spoke to their gender therapist (they’re trans as well) about feeling low and dysphoric, and the therapist gave them the advice to embrace their animal identity more. Do little things that remind them of themselves, act foxlike when home alone, wear related accessories. 
That’s a gender therapist too, so not only are professionals chill about otherkin, that also poo-poos the idea that otherkin are mocking trans folk. 

Why the fuck can’t some of y’all get this in your heads? Anti-kin are disgustingly ignorant.

I’ve also had very positive conversations with therapists about my ursine identity and species dysphoria.

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