step one.
     exist. your love is and will never be enough.
step two.
     make poor choices. your sense of justice is misguided.
step three.
     fall apart. your story is romanticized and your tears fall on deaf ears.
step four.
     die. was it even worth it, you’ll never know.
step five.
     return to the living. if it’s your brain or your soul or something else, you’ll walk again.
step six.
     be confused. your don’t understand these misplaced memories or fleeting feelings, or the decisions you made.
step seven.
     understand. it all comes falling into place, where you had been, what you were.
step eight.
     let go. this is your redemption and now you have to move on.
step nine.
     let go. your world is gone.
step ten.
     let go. it’s behind you now.
step eleven.
     let go. they’re never coming back.
step twelve.
     let go.

how to be a fictional character” by locketshoru
(via ladyluteia)

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