my favorite types of kin r the 30yos who are super serious abt kin stuff and take 4 months for decide if theyre kin with pussyclaw warrior cats

My favourite type of tumblrkin are the ones who disrespect and mutilate a 50+yo community and subculture because it’s the “trendy” thing to do.

“what is it abt teenagers that make them hate adulthood”
what is it abt adults that make them wanna shit on kids having fun lol

I don’t have a problem with kids having harmless fun. I have a problem when they’re being disrespectful about it, because at that point it isn’t harmless.

Go have harmless fun in a role play community. Something that is pretend and make believe and not serious, a for fun activity.

Not try and take over an established identity community with decades of histroy attatched and try and force it to be whatever you want like some kind of toy before you get bored and leave—after spreading waves of misinformation and leaving a fuck ton of cleanup for the rest of us.

Being a teenager doesnt free you of responsibility or consequence. If you are old enough to actually be on this website whose mobile verison is rates 17+ then you can handel being told youre wrong and need to look for a new community to better suit your needs.

Also it’s not just teenagers who pull this ignorant bullshit. We hate when anyone does it, not just “kids having fun”.

People have been faking kin experiences since the community came into existence, but reaching “obnoxious fad” levels among children specifically is a fairly recent development.

I remember when I could personally count the number of fictionkin in the community.

You know it’s bad when an established community built on self-exploration, growth, and introspection becomes a fucking meme among outsiders for the exact opposite reasons–petty drama about “fighting for dominance in the parking lot” and people bringing “having problematic IDs” into fucking callout posts.

The communities have never been free of drama but it’s people who take one look at an anime character and decide it’s Literally Them™ now and harass people over “kinning with” the same character as them or someone they don’t like or sending hate over FUCKING SHIPS who are ruining this for people who live with being a certain way and have done so as a community for over 50 years.

So no, it’s not “adults hating kids having fun”, because it’s not a game. It’s not a platform for your fucked-up, ass-backwards “progressive politics”. It’s an identity, an existence, a journey and an understanding of self.

And you are undoing 50+ years of community growth in the span of about 5. I hope you’re happy, I hope you know what you’ve made this subculture look like with your “fun and games.” Go join an RP forum, look up old fandom sites, do something in the fandom aspect of things. Stay out of our fucking communities if you think it’s just “people choosing to be characters for fun”.

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