What is with this sudden belief that reincarnation kin isn’t actually kin at all? I’m going to you because you know your stuff, but there has been a really sudden rise of misinformation lately and it’s really making me nervous. “Kinning” suddenly got popular with a lot of people I follow, and it high key makes me nervous because I sort of take this serious and I have past lives and memories, but people have been taking the names of those I used to know and it’s making me really uncomfortable…

On tumblr the idea of fictionkin got spread around a lot, and a lot of people have misunderstood it, to the point where some people think that their mistaken understanding is the correct one, and the “old” definitions are wrong. Obviously reincarnation isn’t the only way to experience being kin, but its certainly a common and ‘valid’ one, and no amount of mistaken people claiming it isn’t will change that.

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