Goodbye Tumblr

Given tumblr’s new policies it seems like it’s in its death throes and I will no longer be supporting the platform or maintaining this or any other blog past the seventeenth.

This iteration of From Fiction will remain active for as long as tumblr leaves it be. I intend to save a backup, and archive at least some posts somewhere else.

From Fiction itself has existed since 2007 and tumblr’s death will not kill it. I have yet to decide its new permanent home. For now, I have created a dreamwidth community which those of you who are migrating are free to join, promote, etc.

When I have further news about the future of From Fiction I will post on dreamwidth, and mirror that news here, if that is still possible.

Its been a trip guys.

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Queen of Black Crows#5643

I’m not bothering to tag this post because tumblr’s fuckery means the links will make sure it doesn’t show up in the tags anyway.

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