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I apologize if I sound ignorant since I’m new to this but what are your thoughts on those who have no kin memories? I just recently discovered fictionkin and diving further into the topic have considered if this possibly applied to me with a certain character but seeing how I have no kin memories disregarded the idea. How can one truly know their kin with a character with no kin memories?

I mean like, *when you know, you know*, feel me?

Memories aren’t the be all and end all of identity. A total amnesiac can still have an identity, a personality, a consistency of being when cut off from access to their memories.

Memories are something that can tell you what you’re experiencing is a kintype. But they’re not the only thing. Sometimes all you have is a deep seated gut feeling.

You just look at them, and you know.

You know that’s you looking back.

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