Timeline of our notable fiction-based phenomena experiences

  • 1997: astrally transported/accidentally reality shifted to the world of ‘Samurai Pizza Cats’ over a series of weeks in what I like to consider my own isekai adventure.
  • 1999: First (of many) soulbonds when we invite Cable (Marvel) to our inner world because he’s been through Some Shit.
  • 2001: First kintype awakening when we started having nightmares as Ken Ichijouji and our emotional state got so disrupted we had to stop watching Digimon.
  • 2003: Very briefly switched bodies/universes with Rogue (Marvel).
  • 2006: First contact with the fictionkin (then called otakukin) community and recognizing our Ken Ichijouji awakening, as well as my ambiguous connection to the Red World (Slayers).
  • 2014: Our partner has her first fictionkin awakening.
  • 2015: Accepting my awakening as Vriska after years of questioning.
  • 2016: Pearl awakening.
  • 2020: Jeritza awakening.
  • 2020: intentional reality shifting experiments.
  • 2021: Sabretooth awakening.

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