How to know if you’re kin

There’s no test for being fictionkin, especially when people have a hard time agreeing just what being fictionkin means. There is one thing that’s important here: Do you feel in your heard/mind/soul that you are fictionkin?

  • Do you experience intense, personal self directed emotions when exposed to a certain fictional character, concept, race, or world?
  • Have you had visions or dreams about these fictional concepts that seemed more like memories?
  • Does the concept speak to you on a deep, personal level beyond what a normal person would experience when consuming the fiction?
  • Do you experience feelings of longing for ‘home’ even when you’re in your own bedroom?
  • Do you feel a deep disconnect between you and others around you?
  • Do you have strange urges or experiences which make more sense in the light of being fictionkin?

These are some questions you can ask yourself, if you’re trying to understand if you’re fictionkin, or otherkin, or not. In the end, the only one who can know ‘for sure’ is you, and most of us still will never know ‘for sure’.